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Tailored content to help grow your business

Search engines love interesting content. In fact, they reward websites that consistently publish fresh, engaging content by boosting their online ranking. And when you consider that 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine, you want to keep the Google gods appeased.

Writing a blog post adds an indexed page to a website and gives it another opportunity to show up in search engines. It indicates to Google that the website is active and worth ranking. A blog allows you to publish content related to your brand that you can then share on your social media channels, to connect with potential and existing customers, to build credibility, share your strengths and gain traffic to your website. So, how do you write a blog post?

The blog content must be informative, engaging and accurate. Posts must be long enough to educate and inform, but not so long that they send readers to sleep. The information must not sound like an advertising spiel, but rather be useful to readers. Above all else, blog posts must avoid technical jargon and be comprehensible to the layman. Sound like a nightmare? Leave it to Ink Big Copywriting to write your blogs for you – blogs that tick all of the SEO boxes.

How does Ink Big Copywriting structure a blog post?

The most important thing is to write each blog post with your readers in mind. Usually we will brainstorm different ideas with you and come up with a range of options, for example industry news, milestones or helpful tips for readers. Blog posts may be structured as listicles (an article presented in the form of a numbered list or bullet points), case studies (great for showcasing what your business offers, without doing the hard sell) or articles.

When it comes to online content, you only have fifteen seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. It’s important to make the content scannable, so that readers can quickly find what they’re looking for, and hopefully read on. We’ll break up your blog posts with different headings, bullet points and bite-sized pieces of content, and be sure to include the important stuff, like calls to action, and encouragement for readers to comment. We’ll also make sure the blog is SEO-friendly and includes any keywords you are trying to rank for.

How do I commission Ink Big Copywriting for my blog?

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