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Tailored content to help grow your business

Struggling to write content for newsletters, brochures or flyers? Ink Big Copywriting can help. Perhaps you just want to make sure the content you are sending to customers is accurate and professional? There is nothing worse than seeing marketing material that is riddled with grammatical or spelling errors. It immediately turns customers off.

Ink Big Copywriting can craft creative content that conveys your message clearly, while making sure all those tricky apostrophes are in the right spot.


Newsletters can be an invaluable marketing tool for businesses wanting to share news and upcoming events, promote specials, highlight their achievements, profile new team members and much more. A beautifully presented, interesting newsletter can snare new leads, while a newsletter that is poorly constructed will go straight to the ‘deleted’ folder.

At Ink Big Copywriting, we like to use bite-sized snippets of information in our newsletters. The reason? People are time-poor and lazy, and often just scan content to quickly find what they’re looking for. When you work with us, we’ll brainstorm different ideas that may be of interest to your readers.

Your newsletter should not hammer your clients with promotional advertising. Rather, it should be full of useful information, which is interwoven with promotional content. We will be sure to include several calls-to-action in the newsletter, encouraging readers to click through to your website or to get in touch. Lastly, we will provide beautiful imagery that complements your brand and message.

Once the content is ready and you have checked it, we can upload it to your email marketing provider (e.g. MailChimp, Flying Pigeons or Constant Contact). Alternatively, we have a strong working relationship with a reputable Melbourne-based graphic designer, and can commission him to come up with an aesthetically appealing design.

 Brochures or Flyers

Brochures or flyers allow you to speak directly to readers and sum up exactly what you offer in a concise and engaging way. Importantly, they give potential customers something tangible to take away from your business.

In order to get the most out of your brochures or flyers, you need persuasive writing, coupled with beautiful imagery. However, because space is of the essence, you have to use your brochure real estate wisely. You may like to have one brochure or flyer for your overall brand, then individual brochures or flyers specifying more about certain products or services.

Ink Big Copywriting can put together brochure and flyer content with your target audience in mind. We will stress the benefits of what you offer, rather than just talking about the features. Whether you want a two-page flyer or a tri-fold brochure, we can help.

We may ask you to provide testimonials to use in the content. These add credibility to what you do. Once the brochure or flyer content is complete, we can send it to our graphic designer to work his magic and turn it into an eye-catching masterpiece.

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