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Let’s face it – English is not everyone’s forte. But it is ours.

Ink Big Copywriting offer proofreading and editing services for websites, newsletters, reports, brochures, blogs, LinkedIn summaries and much more. When you engage us, you gain the peace of mind of knowing a qualified journalist/ copywriter has taken to your content with a fine-tooth comb to ensure it is sharp, consistent and engaging. The result will be persuasive, compelling words that speak directly to your readers.

Why it pays to have your content proofread

Would you sell a product that was faulty, or provide a shoddy service? Thought not. As a business, you want to offer the absolute best service to your customer, and that mentality should extend to the content you disseminate. You owe it to your customers to give them the best.

Nothing looks as unprofessional as a business website or marketing material that is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Problem is, you would be surprised by how common such flaws are, even among big multinational companies. If you don’t quite understand the difference between “it’s” and “its, “everyday” and “every day”, or “you’re” and “your”, it is worth investing in a proofread.

Common issues we see include:

Ink Big Copywriting’s proofreading service ensures all of those tricky semicolons and punctuation marks are in the right spot, that the spelling is sound and Australian-English, and that grammatical errors are corrected.

When we may need to edit rather than proofread

If the content needs to be completely restructured, the service may constitute an edit rather than a proofread – which just aims to correct surface errors in the content. Editing, on the other hand, seeks to improve the overall quality of the content, the intended meaning and the language used.

Ink Big Copywriting will deliver your message clearly and concisely. We’ll ensure the piece is written in the right voice (active or passive) and a tone that is appropriate to the audience. We will also make sure your content marries with your brand, and is politically correct in terms of gender-related language.

With a little help from us, you can rest assured your content is top-notch before your customers see it. Your message will be expressed clearly. Your content will have maximum impact. Your words will work.

What’s involved?

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