Financial copywriting: How to turn dry, deadly boring copy into juicy deliciousness

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Let’s face it – financial copywriting can be heavy going.

Financial copywriters are faced with the gruelling task of trying to turn a traditionally dry subject into engaging, entertaining content – content that converts.

Such a feat can be tricky, but a good writer knows there are certain tools at their disposal to entice readers.

Whether you’re writing copy for websites, blogs, social media or marketing materials, here are some financial copywriting tips to help make the content creation process a little easier.


1) Establish the tone and be consistent

When it comes to financial copywriting, one of the most important aspects to consider is the tone of the copy.

Does it have to be strictly formal, or is there leeway to show a little creativity?

How can you humanise the copy?

Will you make it conversational and friendly? How about humorous?

Decide on the tone, keeping in mind your target audience, and stick to it throughout the copy.


2) Play with the language

One of the easiest ways to jazz up financial copy is to weave some fun wordplay throughout the content.

Not everyone is a fan of the old pun, but at least they add some colour to the copy.

Get creative with idioms, double entendres and oddly formed sentences.

Throw out the rule book and be daring. But, beware not to overdo it or you might end up exasperating your readers. You can bet your bottom dollar on it!


3) Avoid jargon

Nothing is more off-putting than financial copy riddled with terminology that everyday people would struggle to comprehend. Cut through the malarkey and explain your product or service in simple terms. Imagine you’re speaking to someone from a completely unrelated industry. Present the facts and figures in an easily digestible way.


4) Tell a story

Clever content marketing is all about storytelling. When it comes to financial copywriting, one of the best ways to add personality and panache to the copy is to present it like a story. Find a clever angle, build some anticipation and create the magic.


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Published: November 14, 2016


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