3 easy blog post formulas to snare readers

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Fifteen seconds.


That’s all you have to capture someone’s attention on the web. Web analytics company, Chartbeat, looked at user behaviour across the internet and found that most people who clicked on a page didn’t actually read the content. In fact, 55% of users spent less than 15 seconds actively on a page. So, what does this mean for business owners trying to disseminate engaging content marketing material that converts to sales? Basically, you’re screwed… only kidding.


Of course it’s possible to hook readers for longer than 15 seconds, but how? Well, you need to come up with an interesting blog post idea that will stand out and be of value to your audience, then you must present it in a creative, digestible way. Use headings and bullet points, highlight important words or phrases, and break up the content into bite-sized pieces. Here are three blog post styles that have been shown to work.


1) Listicles

A listicle is an article presented in the form of a numbered list or bullet points. Nowadays, people are strapped for time, so presenting information in a definitive, organised way is imperative. Common blog post formulas include “the top 5 reasons for this”, or “3 ways to do that”. Make sure you use the actual number in the heading rather than spelling it out, as readers respond better to figures.


2) Case studies

Case studies are a fantastic opportunity to showcase what your business has to offer without doing the hard sell. So how do you put one of these together? One way is to interview a customer who can explain how your product or service benefitted them. You can present the case study as an article, with the who, what, when, where, why and how at the top, followed by a few quotes. Alternatively, write it up in a Q and A format.


3) News articles

Has your business reached a milestone? Perhaps you have come up with a new product or service that will blow your customers’ minds? Maybe there’s a really great human interest story you’d like to share? News articles inform customers about what’s going on, create credibility, and help promote your brand. Make sure you answer the who, what, when, where, why and how elements at the top of your article, and include quotes from a relevant representative or customer.


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