3 reasons to use a digital copywriter to create a content marketing strategy that works

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The power of content marketing is no new phenomenon. As consumers increasingly shut out traditional forms of advertising by fast-forwarding through television advertisements and ignoring ads in print and online, marketers have had to find new ways to make an impact. Here are a few reasons why content marketing should be a fundamental part of your business strategy and why you need a digital copywriter to get the job done:


1) To build your reputation and credibility

Effective copywriting can be invaluable when it comes to building the reputation of your business. By consistently providing relevant and valuable content, businesses position themselves as experts in the industry. This leads to better retention of customers and increased brand loyalty.


2) To improve exposure

Digital copywriters craft useful content that helps expose your brand in a positive light. Adding a business blog or news section to your website is a fantastic vehicle through which you can inform customers about trends, new products or services, breaking news, handy tips, or anything else of interest.

Digital copywriters also know how search engines rank pages and about keyword density requirements in web copy. There is a fine line between optimising copy with juicy keywords and making it an unreadable nightmare. Lastly, digital copywriters are social media savvy and able to write for a variety of different platforms.


3) To boost sales

Cha-ching. Yes, that’s right, digital copywriters help to convert potential browsers into enquiries, leads and sales thanks to their arsenal of compelling words. They know the right tone of voice, phrases and tactics to drive conversions. Your website content can either snare or scare online visitors, which is why you should employ a professional digital copywriter.


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