5 ways to get more social media followers: with effective copywriting and a lot of hustle

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Building a strong social media following can take time, but here are some pointers to get the ball rolling:


1) Invest in quality content

If you want to increase your social media followers, the first and most important step is to produce and disseminate quality content. No one will follow you or read your blogs if you continually push crappy, grammatically incorrect content. Use captions that captivate and encourage readers to click. Ink Big Copywriting can help you to put together a content strategy if you’re struggling.


2) Remember the 80-20 rule

People are constantly inundated with advertising nowadays, and most of us have learned to tune it out. For that reason, 80% of the material you put out on social media has to benefit or be of interest to your readers, while 20% can be self-promotion of you and/or your business. Aim to share content that can help or inspire your readers, and they will reward you with clicks and likes in the long-run.


3) If you’ve got it, flaunt it

People aren’t going to follow you if they don’t know you’re there. Make sure your blog and website has buttons that allow visitors to share your content. Link to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Don’t forget to add social media links to your email signature. Cross promote your social media channels across the various platforms (i.e. Facebook on LinkedIn, Twitter on Facebook).  Newsletters, business cards and other marketing material should also reference your social media accounts.


4) Hit up your employees, friends, family, pet budgie

That’s right, it’s time to hustle. Ask your friends and family to like and share your page. Get your employees to do the same, then ask them to invite their connections to like the page. Heck, even ask your pet budgie, Tweety, to tweet the word out there, just get the momentum going and the likes rolling in.


5) Drop the bait

If you want existing clients to follow your business on social media, you need to give them some incentive to do so. Run a competition on social media and let them know about it the next time they are in your store or you’re doing business. Ask them to ‘check-in’ for a chance to enter a draw. Send a friendly, personalised email to them letting them know about some juicy content you are planning to post on social media. Give them a reason to like and follow you.


So, on that note, please give Ink Big Copywriting’s social media channels a ‘like’ or ‘follow’, and in exchange we promise not to inundate you with too much useless crap. We offer a range of content writing services. Please get in touch to discuss your content needs: Melissa@inkbig.com.au or call 0455 248 602.

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